Rob and Dee Overland in Africa 2014 – 10,000 miles – 4 months – 10 countries


Just a quick note to say we had an awesome time in Kruger National Park.

Especially our night game drive where we saw leopards mating– 4 times in about 10 minutes —  (could make some of us feel a bit inadequate); also saw lionesses with young,  rhino, giraffe,  three huge male lions, hippos, buffalo, rhinos,  etc, etc.

Pictures to follow.

Off to Zimbabwe tomorrow so probably no internet access for several days until we get to Malawi where we will visit friends of friends from Salida.



Dee and I are just learning how to spot the game.  Our first park was Tana reserve which we visited with our friend Tina and her kids, Maya and Noah- much of it was open country and we could easily see the game- though at one point we initially missed a giraffe that was 15 feet away.  Our second game park was the combined park of Hluhluwe/umFolozi.  Here the thickets were very dense and as you drive the backroads of the park at 10-15 mph you have to try to spot the game.  Other times they wander across the road in front of you or in the case of a herd of Cape Buffalo they stand on the road and challenge you to try to get by.

One afternoon some lions killed a huge Cape Buffalo right next to a road – those that stopped by that afternoon saw the lions only feet from their cars.  We did not find this spot until the next morning – by then the vultures had moved in for their feed until the hyenas seeing the vultures in the air- found the spot and the hyenas chased them away and guarded the kill ferociously.

Here are some photos from our first few days in the parks.