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Growing Rice

Everywhere you go in Indonesia you see rice growing and every meal be it breakfast, lunch or dinner is mainly rice.  The terraced hillsides take on different colors depending on the stage of the growing rice from seedling in watery rice paddy to mature green shoot to bright shoot ready to harvest 3 months later.  They generally grow two crops per year and plant potatoes or another crop in between to allow the soil to recover.  Every stage from plowing to planting the tiny seed to cutting and knocking loose the rice grains is done by hand.

Placing your cursor over the photos will give you a caption and clicking on any photo will give you an enlargement of that photo.  After enlarging you can hit the back button on your browser to return you here.

      Rice Growing     Terraced Rice Fields

 Terraced Rice Fields         Working in the Rice Paddy

       Plowing the fields          Cutting the mature rice

              Knocking the rice kernels lose                    Rice Kernels

    Kernels with husks still on     Dee hiking through the rice paddy        Typical rice farmer


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