Rob and Dee Overland in Africa 2014 – 10,000 miles – 4 months – 10 countries


The countdown continues.  We’ve finally bought every item on our long list.  We spent some time today spraying our clothes with a semi permanent insect repellent called Permethrin which we have used before successfully.  Hopefully it will keep away those malarial mosquitos.  The next few days we have to vacate the house we are in and move all our stuff either back into storage or to our motorhome.

kayaks on snow crop2We’ll be missing summer in Salida.  That means missing mountain biking and kayaking.  Right now is the transition of seasons- the end of winter and ski season and the beginning of spring and summer sports.  The last few days I managed to cram in a day of flying my gyroplane, one day of mountain biking and a last day of skiing.  It is fun to watch the quick transition here from skiing to kayaking.  The ski hill is still open but in the warm afternoons we are already seeing kayakers on the river that runs right through town.   Some of the locals like to combine the two so the switch of seasons is really seamless.

Days ticking by – one week until departure. Bitter sweet to be leaving Salida as Spring arrives and  active summer just ahead. There will be others here. This year – Africa. As we prepare we try to remember less is more. Less to cart around and more focus on being where we are – living as the locals do. OK we will have the 4×4 with roof top tent, all the supplies to feed, cloth and communicate but we will be camping out for four months. Bring it on. Like the sailboat, self sufficient, independent, engaging with the locals. I hope to get exercise beyond bouncing along in the 4×4. Plenty of hiking opportunities and we’ll walk like the locals do. Arrive in Jo’burg Saturday April 19 in time for Easter Sunday/Monday holiday. Then touch and feel our selected 4×4 on Tuesday and deal with registration, insurance, all the paper work and refurbishing we decide to do. Hope to be on board and off by Saturday April 26. Be flexible, Be Present, take in all the adventures. Come along with us. Dee

Only 10 days until departure.  Managed to sneak in a great day of powder skiing at Monarch Ski Area- may get one more ski day in before departure and hopefully a few more flights in my gyroplane before we leave.  For the longest time it seemed the trip was at some distant point in the future and there was no hurry to pin things down, then suddenly it is only days away and there is plenty to do.  The best thing to happen was finding and buying a vehicle over the internet.  A bit risky but we are dealing with a very reputable company so I think things should go OK.  We just sent them a large deposit today but having a fully rigged out 4WD waiting for us when we arrive will save us maybe two weeks so we can see more of Africa.  The vehicle is in Johannesburg and our airplane reservations, lodging and rental car had been made to Cape Town so Dee has been busy changing those.

Monarch Ski Area Salida, Colorado

Monarch Ski Area
Salida, Colorado


Flying my Xenon gyroplane in the Colorado Rockies

Flying my Xenon gyroplane in the Colorado Rockies